Jena Malone is best known for her roles in “Goliath,” The Hunger Games,” “Antebellum,” and plenty of other films.

However, her latest project has her doing more than just acting. “Adopting Audrey” is an independent film Malone stars in, but she’s also the executive producer.

“You have your hands on more of the pieces of the puzzle,” Malone said. “Most actors do produce. It’s sort of your job to collaborate with every single head of departments. Being given a title sort of allows you to sculpt and form in a way you feel like you’re not overstepping.”

The indie film is based on a true story, and Malone plays a woman who’s had a lot of trouble being accepted by her family and society as a whole. Her character puts herself up for adoption, but not legally.

“It’s more of a heart adoption that happens, in a lot of these cases, where an adult realizes that they would like to continue having a relationship with parental figures or support system among adults that they don’t really have,” she explained.

It turns out, the concept is a real thing.

“It’s a real phenomenon emotionally and legally,” Malone said. “We have so many conversations about what it’s like with a child and a parent between 0 and 18, we kind of stop having the conversation once you become an adult. But that relationship with your parents is important to you throughout your whole life.”

Malone also just wrapped another project called “Love Lies Bleeding,” which stars Dave Franco, Kristin Stewart and Ed Harris.

“Adopting Audrey” hits theaters, video on-demand and all digital platforms on Aug. 26.