To say Jo Koy is busy is an understatement.

He’s currently on the road for his “Funny is Funny” comedy tour, all while his movie “Easter Sunday” is raking it in at the box office. But he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

“I love it, I love it all, and I’m not going to stop,” he exclaimed. “I lost my voice. I was at the Americana last night, did three showings there, and I’m just going to every city on my own promoting the movie myself.”

Even though the comedian has achieved massive success, he’s still hustling. He chalks it all up to loving what he does.

“I really enjoy this moment,” he gushed. “This was something I dreamt about.”

He is on Cloud 9 looking back at how far he’s come.

“You’ve got to celebrate moments, you guys,” he explained. “Always celebrate moments. Everybody is always like, ‘well, let’s see if it happens.’ No. I’m celebrating what’s happening right now.”

The former shoe salesman still has to pinch himself that Steven Spielberg helped back his feature film.

“The guy that’s making the movie is Steven Spielberg! What!? Can I have a mic? I want to drop it,” he exclaimed. “That’s crazy. It’s nuts.”

“I tell this story all the time, I went to Amblin, and it was like every other person was like ‘Oh my God, Steven loves you,’ ‘Steven thinks you’re so funny,’ ‘Steven thinks you’re great.’ I’m like, ‘are you talking about Steven from accounting? Because it’s no way it’s Steven,'” he joked. “They’re like, ‘no, it’s Steven!'”

By the way, the “Comin’ in Hot” funnyman still hasn’t met the legendary filmmaker.

When it comes to directing, Koy says he’s definitely interested. He even hinted that he may be getting his chance pretty soon, but he was coy on the details.

“Easter Sunday” is currently in theaters, and you may be able to meet Koy while you’re at it. He’ll be doing meet and greets at Harkins Theatres at Cerritos Center on Aug. 18 and at AMC Theatres Universal Citywalk Hollywood on Aug. 21.

For tickets and show times, head here and here.