Die-hard Beatles fans might know May Pang as the other legendary love interest of John Lennon. Now, her story has been made into a documentary, titled “The Lost Weekend.”

Pang, 72, recently sat down with KTLA’s Doug Kolk to reflect on her affair with the late singer-songwriter, which she says was fully endorsed by Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, at the time.

She recalled the moment Lennon first tried to kiss her, and her initial reaction.

May Pang, John Lennon
May Pang, John Lennon (May Pang)

“We were on our way to the studio and as we got into the elevator of the Dakota [apartment building], I remember the elevator door closing and all of a sudden, he turned around and he kissed me,” Pang said. “And I just went ‘Oh my God! Just stand on the other side of the elevator! Don’t come near me. Please!’”

Despite that first rejection, Pang and Lennon’s relationship lasted about 18 months before, Pang says, Ono demanded her husband back.

“The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” is now on streaming platforms starting Oct. 13.