John Oates is one-half of the famous pop duo Hall & Oates.

Their hits “Maneater” and “I Can’t Go For That,” are still heard on the radio today-decades after their debut.

When it comes to the secret behind his music’s longevity, Oates plays coy.

“If I could bottle I’d take a lot more of it,” he explained to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “The songs somehow resonate over the years with different generations. There’s something about the universality of the songs that we wrote and how they connect across the generations. I’m happy these songs still mean something to people.

Oates continues to make music to this day.

His latest song “Pushing A Rock” is a re-recording from 2014. Oates said it’s the only song he’s ever re-recorded in his entire live. He wrote it alongside Nathan Chapman who’s production credits include early music from Taylor Swift.

“During COVID I revisited the song and rewrote the music for it and we put it out again,” he revealed. “It’s actually tied to this idea of Movember, the men’s mustache health initiative. I feel the lyrics are just as important as they were in ’14.”

The guitarist’s involvement in the Movember movement inspired him to grow back his iconic mustache, which he had shaved off years prior.

“I shaved it off and changed my life in the nineties. The mustache represented the guy I used to be and didn’t want to be anymore,” he said. “I grew it back for Movember because it’s such an important cause and men’s health is something that men don’t want to talk about too much. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer, stress, and mental health are so important.”

To participate in Movember, head here to sign up and donate.

Oates’ “Pushing a Rock” is out now.