There’s much anticipation surrounding the Season 9 finale of NBC’s hit “The Blacklist”.

While many fans are nervous about the ending, so is the show’s star Amir Arison. “I don’t get to see the episodes until they come out, so I’m pretty excited to see it myself,” he explained.

The drama was just renewed for a tenth season, and Arison credited the show’s longevity to the writers.

“They’ve written so well to all the actors and, of course, this world of having ‘blacklisters’ that can be super villains that could or couldn’t be real in real life because they’re on ‘The Blacklist,” he explained. “Nobody knows about them unless you’re a part of the criminal elite.”

Over the years, Arison’s character FBI Special Agent Aram Mojtabai has evolved. He went from a role to comedic relief to someone in the forefront.

“Who would’ve thought the sort of nerdy sidekick with a quip or two ended up here?” Arison laughed. “That’s sort of nine years of exciting writing, the writers have been so wonderful to me giving me endless opportunities.”

As for the finale, viewers are trying to find out who’s behind Liz’s death and who betrayed Red. There are suspicions that the suspect is Red’s lawyer Marvin.

When it comes to the details, Arison is tight-lipped. “Let me say this, they have a way of working things out and of course creating a whole new setup for a whole new season that I couldn’t believe what I read,” he explained.

Watch ‘The Blacklist’ season finale tonight on NBC at 8 p.m.