Karamo Brown likes to help people.

Whether it’s on his daytime talk show “Karamo” or on “Queer Eye,” Brown wants to make sure people are “seen and heard.”

“We feel like we walk through life like no one sees us, no one understands us,” the host explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “I make sure people know that I can see them and I can hear them.”

The “Real World: Philadelphia” alum premiered his show this past fall, filling the void left after Maury Povich retired. Brown filled in as guest host for “Maury” multiple times.

One thing to note to viewers, Brown does a fresh show every day, which he is more than happy to do.

“I keep saying ‘please give me a Season 2, 3,4, and 5 because I like helping people,” he exclaimed.

Brown just finished filming Season 7 of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” which takes place in New Orleans.

While many think of great restaurants and food in the Big Easy, Brown noticed a city that’s still healing from the events of Hurricane Katrina nearly 18 years ago.

“I could see a lot of devastation and the people were so nice and so resilient. But, you could see there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done there,” he explained. “People I would be talking to, all of a sudden, things about when Katrina hit would just come up and you just feel it. You feel the pain and it’s still in them.”

The activist is also lending his hand to helping children. He and his son have penned their children’s book “I Am Okay to Feel,” which helps kids know that “it’s okay to feel whatever they’re feeling.”

“Especially nowadays with social media and everything else going on, kids just don’t how to express what’s going on,” Brown revealed. “They’re feeling anxious, they’re feeling happy, they’re feeling sad. This book teaches them how to do it in a fun way. Teaches some adults too!”

He laughed that he’d like to send this book to “a couple of exes” as well.

“I Am Okay to Feel” is available wherever books are sold.

Catch “Karamo” on weekdays at 4 p.m. on KTLA.