Kate Bosworth first got our attention by crashing on the scene atop a surfboard in “Blue Crush.”

It’s hard to believe the sports drama just turned 20.

“It doesn’t feel that long ago and yet when I see myself, it definitely feels like a couple of decades,” Bosworth said. “It was such a magical time.”

Bosworth’s new movie definitely steers away from the early aughts classic.

“The Immaculate Room” follows a couple who has the chance to win $5 million if they can stay in one room for 50 days. While it may seem easy, it definitely has its turns.

“The room really starts messing with them. So, they just start to psychologically breakdown,” Bosworth revealed. “I’m sure some people can relate to it somewhat, having been in the pandemic and having been cooped up.”

Bosworth’s definitely been staying cooped up with her beau, actor Justin Long. The pair made their relationship official on Instagram just months ago.

“We’re so happy. I’m so lucky,” she gushed. “He’s just a wonderful human being.”

You can watch “The Immaculate Room” is now in select theaters and on demand.