She’s been a “fitspiration” for a decade and now she’s making history.

Tone It Up’s Katrina Scott is the first visibly pregnant model for the annual swimsuit edition of “Sports Illustrated”.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Scott said. When she was approached to shoot for the 2022 issue she told the magazine she was pregnant but they didn’t mind. “Let’s do it!” they told her.

Scott had previously sported a swimsuit for the magazine’s issue in 2021.

She touted the magazine’s editor-in-chief, MJ Day, and the staff for recognizing women in all stages of their lives.

“I think it’s really neat and I can’t wait to show this to my daughters one day,” Scott explained. She has a young daughter, Isabelle, and another baby girl on the way.

The model has always been very transparent about her journey to motherhood and has taken to social media to share her struggles with fertility.

“I’ve always said I’m always going to be very open about what I’m going through so that way someone at home doesn’t feel lonely or that she’s isolated in what she’s experiencing,” explained Scott. “It’s, of course, been really difficult to open up about certain struggles that my husband and I have had.”

Scott uses her podcast “Live Beautifully” to have conversations about infertility and to touch on other topics women experience like business, motherhood and taking a break. “You can do it all, but not all at once,” explained Scott. “It’s all about what you can really focus on right then and there. Everything else can wait.”

“Live Beautifully” can be found anywhere you stream your podcast.

The 2022 “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit edition is currently on newsstands.