Duff Goldman has many projects cooking.

He’s got multiple baking shows, he’s making his acting debut and has a brand new cookbook.

But Goldman is probably best known for his dual role as host and judge of Food Network’s “Kids Baking Championship,” where today’s youth astound him with their skills in the kitchen.

“These kids come on and they’re making pate a choux, they’re making puff pastry, they’re making pie dough,” he told KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “At first, I was like ‘I didn’t learn how to make this stuff until I was in my 20’s, how are these kids figuring this out?’ I started talking to them and they’re like ‘we watched 10 different videos on YouTube on how to make pie dough.’ They just figured it out.”

The pastry chef credits his younger audience for just going for it in the kitchen instead of being hung up on the rules.

“They’ll make up their own technique where you’re thinking, ‘it’s not going to work,’ and sometimes it does,” he said.

Goldman’s work with kids doesn’t stop on television.

His new cookbook, “Super Good Cookies for Kids,” collects his best recipes, including his favorite: Moravian spice cookies.

“They come from the Moravian community in Pennsylvania and there’s mustard in them, there’s white pepper in them. They are absolutely delicious. They taste like Christmas,” he gushed. “You taste it and it excites your mouth!”

The book is dedicated to his young daughter Josephine.

“If I’m your dad, we’re going to bake a lot of cookies,” he said. “The bake sales — I think I’m going to be pretty popular.”

Next up, Goldman is showing off his acting skills in the Discovery+ film “Gingerbread Christmas.” Art imitates life as he plays a judge in a baking competition.

“It was tough,” he joked. “I had to go method (acting) for this one.”

The film drops on Discovery+ on Nov. 11. “Super Good Cookies for Kids” is available everywhere books are sold now.