Early 2000’s nostalgia isn’t so dunzo, just ask reality star and entrepreneur Kristin Cavallari.

To promote her jewelry company, Uncommon James‘ new line, she called up some old friends from a certain Southern California beach town.

Cavallari reunited with her “Laguna Beach” castmates for the ultimate throwback campaign for the line’s Back to Laguna.

“We’ve been keeping a secret and it’s time we come clean,” the caption to the promotional video read on Instagram.

Cavallari’s famous ex Stephen Colletti makes an appearance along with Jason Wahler, Jessica Smith, Alex Hooser, Talan Torriero and Alex Murrel.

"Laguna Beach" castmates reunite
Uncommon James

The promotional video shows the crew hanging out in a high school setting, reliving their days as the “real O.C.” teens.

“I was inspired by the early 2000s era, so I knew I had to call up some old friends to make this come to life. We’re going back to Laguna Beach, baby,” Cavallari’s caption read on Instagram.

This isn’t the first time the “Very Cavallari” has tapped into her “Laguna Beach” roots.

She and Coletti joined forces for the rewatch podcast “Back to the Beach,” where they reveal what really happened behind some of those iconic scenes.