KTLA 5’s Henry DiCarlo’s sunny personality brings the laughs and weather to our viewers every morning.

However, it turns out he’s quite the romantic.

Years ago, he met his now-wife Lisa while out with some friends in Palm Desert while he was working as a young reporter. After their first date, he knew she was the one. However, unbeknownst to Henry at the time, Lisa was currently on a break with someone she had been dating for a while. She was keeping her options open when Henry entered the picture.

“He had a wild idea that before they made this move, they should see other people,” Henry explained regarding Lisa and her ex. “He had been gone for a couple of months to find himself. So, I met her on the night before he was going to return.”

“He was tall, dark, handsome, older, was established and everything. I was just a guy making $4 an hour living on my sister’s couch working as a bartender trying to just get in this field,” Henry said about starting off his journalism career.

Fast-forward to three months later, Lisa revealed to Henry that her longtime love had proposed and she said yes.

“So she ended up thinking, ‘you know, maybe it was time to go back,'” Henry explained about Lisa accepting the proposal.

When the wedding date started to get closer, Henry listened to his heart and wrote Lisa an eight-page letter professing his love to her.

“It basically said, ‘if you marry this guy, you’re making the worst mistake of your life. Give me three months. I’ll give you your life,'” he revealed. “I didn’t hear from her. I thought that was it. About three months later, I got a Halloween card in the mail. My buddy’s like, ‘who sends a guy a Halloween card? She’s trying to tell you the door’s open.’ So I called and she’s like, ‘Hey, I just wanted to see how you’re doing.’ I said ‘I’ve been waiting.’ So then from that point, we were pretty much inseparable.”

Henry and Lisa have been married for 25 years and have two sons, Hank and Jack.

“Lisa is the backbone of the family,” he gushed. “She is the love of my life.”

Henry’s charisma and charm have been an asset pretty much his whole life.

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