KTLA’s Sam Rubin is pretty much game for anything, even if it means soaring thousands of feet in the air to be interviewed for a podcast.

Sam talked to A.J. Bruno of “Value Props.” Bruno is a former child actor turned businessman. He’s now the CEO of a company called QuotaPath where he’s the residential pilot and interviews people in the cockpit while flying his prop plane.

Yes, the entire interview is held midair.

“This opportunity arose because I was sitting in a conference room one day listening to a guy talk exactly about this, and he’s like, ‘Just do it. It’s easy. Anyone can be a marketer,’ and I thought, ‘This is garbage. How do you make it authentic?'” Bruno questioned. “I was like ‘aha!’ a lightbulb went off, and I was like ‘A.J. you fly airplanes. You love doing it. You absolutely love having conversations and bringing people in. Why don’t you do that and at the same time have conversations with them about what they’re doing and what’s going on in their lives because you’ve just brought them into this cockpit into my world.'”

Bruno said his company and team are very supportive of his venture.

You can watch the full interview by heading here, or anywhere you get your podcasts.