Laugh Factory Hollywood will host a benefit on Aug.15 to support Hollywood writers, actors and other entertainment industry members impacted by the ongoing strikes.

The event will begin at 8 p.m.

Ruben Paul, Tiffany Haddish, JB Smoove, Faizon Love, Chris Spencer, Gary Owen and Bill Bellamy are slated to perform during the benefit. All funds raised during the event will go to the Entertainment Community Fund.

“Every person in the world benefits from the work of writers,” Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada said in a statement. “Often working in the shadows, writers impact every facet of our existence. I have devoted my life to comedy for the last four decades, and I know how important writers are. I have seen first-hand how selflessly indispensable they are to help us laugh and see the foibles of society, and yet they rarely achieve the recognition they deserve.”

This benefit will be the first of many to support all entertainment community members affected by the ongoing strikes, according to a news release.

The Writers Guild of America is scheduled to resume contract talks with the major movie and T.V. studios on Friday.

“Our committee returns to the bargaining table ready to make a fair deal, knowing the unified WGA membership stands behind us and buoyed by the ongoing support of our union allies,” The Writers Guild told its members, the Associated Press reported.

The writers’ strike has passed the 100-day mark, which was how long the last strike in 2007-2008 lasted in total. The actors joined them on the picket lines in July.