Laura Niemi is most known for her guest role as “Marylin Pearson” on NBC’s hit series “This is Us,” gaining her critical acclaim. She has also made an appearance on Netflix’s “Stranger Things” as Eleven’s teacher and now she is starring alongside Steve Carell in the new psycho-thriller, “The Patient.”

“It’s the great Steve Carell who I just love in this,” Niemi told KTLA 5 Morning News Tuesday. “This is some of the best stuff he’s ever done.”

The series follows a therapist played by Steve Carell and his patient, played by Domhnall Gleeson, and they explore the patient’s murderous thoughts and as he takes his therapist hostage.

Niemi fits into the story as Carell’s wife, who is a Jewish cantor.

Carell’s character begins to have flashbacks as he holds on to the haunting family memories while he is trapped in Gleeson’s basement.

“The ending, I just want to let everybody know, it will be very satisfying,” revealed Niemi.

“The Patient” is streaming now on Hulu with new episodes dropping every Tuesday.