LeAnn Rimes has come a long way from being that “Blue” teenager. However, she still channels that teen spirit in adulthood every once in a while.

“I call upon her when I need to say ‘No,’ when I need to go against the grain,” Rimes told Sam Rubin on KTLA 5 Morning News Thursday. “She’s very much alive.”

Rimes called her younger self “gutsy and rebellious,” and credits how it helped her navigate Hollywood early in her career.

“I used to have a lot of shame around that rebellious streak because it used to get me into trouble a few times, but I honestly think it’s what’s kept me alive,” she said. “It’s what’s helped me survive child stardom.”

Rimes is continuing to make music.

Her latest project, “God’s Work,” dabbles in the gospel space. She say the album will take listeners on an emotional journey.

‘This album will break your heart and heal it, all in the same breath.'”

She called the album an “offshoot” of her podcast “Wholly Human,” which touches on spirituality, mental health and physical health.

“We run the gamut of everything human and holy,” she explained. “I feel like you can’t have one without the other. I feel as full beings we are both equally.”

“God’s Work” drops everywhere, September 16.