It’s the end of an era for ALLBLK network’s “A House Divided.”

The drama is the network’s longest-running series and it premiere its fifth and final season this week.

LisaRaye McCoy explained the melancholy that comes with a series ending.

“I got a little sad because not only does that mean that the checks stop and I have to look for my next job, but the fans have spoken. We’re an Emmy-nominated show and we’re at the top,” McCoy explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “It’s no more! So, that’s sad.”

For those fans, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs guarantees the show will go out with a bang.

“This last season is pretty thick,” he sheepishly revealed.

The show follows the affluent Los Angeles-based Sanders family who is “the founders of a historically Black-owned bank called Birthright Bank.” Hilton-Jacobs plays the patriarch of the Sanders family, while McCoy plays the scheming Alexis.

“He always has a scheme but I’m like the mastermind behind it though,” McRoy laughed. “There’s love and love makes you do a lot of things that you would not potentially want to do.

Season 5 of “A House Divided” premieres on Jan. 12 on ALLBLK.

Watch online or on the ALLBLK app.