For decades, Fritz Coleman delivered the weather on KNBC’s evening news, now he’s a comedian making Angelinos laugh at his local shows.

It’s been over two years since he left the weather desk and it turns out, retirement looks pretty good on him.

“I’ve never been happier. I miss the people, I don’t necessarily miss the job because I’m very busy,” he said. “I’m on nonprofit boards, we’re seeing the stand-up world open up again, I get to see my grandchildren, and I’m very thankful about my life right now.”

While Coleman is enjoying life, the thought of not heading into the station five days a week was a little daunting.

“I was a little scared at first because my father was the classic World War II American man whose entire identity was his work,” Coleman revealed. “When he retired, over a period of 20-25 years, I just saw this man slowly implode and I thought, ‘oh, I don’t want that to happen to me.’ But it hasn’t.”

“You know that 11 o’clock news is the greatest speed bump to a social life ever invented,” he said with a laugh. “So, I was working, I didn’t get to do homework and tuck kids in, so I’m making up for that with my grandchildren. It’s more wonderful than I thought it would be, quite honestly. I’m so thankful for my job. I’m the luckiest person in show business. Even if you love what you do, 40 years is enough.”

The former weatherman’s plate sure is full. He hosts a podcast alongside his friend, Louise Palanker, called “Media Path,” which he’s dubbed “boomer nirvana.” Guests range from singer Gary Puckett, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), political commentator Michael Reagan and more.

“We start every podcast introducing people to stuff that’s new in the zeitgeist of the American public,” he said. “The last one we did, which was our 100th episode, I talked about the new movie ‘Elvis’ and she talked about ‘The Staircase’ on HBO Max. We don’t review, we just talk about it and give people suggestions.”

When he’s not interviewing big names or giving his take on the latest films, he’s hitting the stand-up stage. He’s due to open for Mark Arthur Miller in August at the Catalina Jazz Club.

You can catch Coleman’s performance at the Catalina Jazz Club on August 7. For tickets, click here.

“Media Path” is available everywhere you get your podcasts.