The mayor of Malibu is cracking down on big celebrity and influencer events that violate the city’s rules.

Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s lifestyle brand Poosh held a promotional poolside party at a Malibu mansion over the weekend. This is something the mayor wants to crack down on as he feels it’s unfair to residents as it causes traffic issues and other safety concerns.

He wrote a lengthy post on Facebook on Saturday slamming his City Council colleagues for placing “celebrities and the uber-wealthy over residents.” He accused them of selling out to the Kardashians for allegedly “expediting a permit for a large event in a vacant single-family home in a private neighborhood.”

Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker pregnancy announcement
Kourtney Kardashian shared the pregnancy news with Blink-182 fans at the band’s concert at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles. (IG: kourtneykardash)

This all started on Thursday morning, according to Silverstein, when he saw what he thought were moving trucks in front of a home that has been for sale for the past year.

“I went over the greet the new neighbors, only to learn that the house had been rented by an event planner to host an ‘influencer event’ led by Kourtney Kardashian. I explained that this sort of activity was not permitted without a ‘Special Event Permit’ and suggested that they relocate their event. I then informed the City’s Code Enforcement department that an unpermitted event was occurring in what appears to be an unlawful Short Term Rental.”

Silverstein said set up continued for the event regardless of not having the special event. It wasn’t until Friday night that an expedited special event permit was granted to clear the way for the party.

“It is incredible and entirely unacceptable that the city staff, including the Chief Code Enforcement Officer, Planning Director, Interim City Attorney, and possibly the City Manager would join together to move heaven and earth to get this accomplished on no day’s advance notice for a wealthy celebrity when our residents are required to wait days, weeks and even months for such attention respecting matters of much greater concern than a celebrity party,” Silverstein continued in his post.

“On top of everything else, I have now learned that the house that is serving as the venue for this celebrity bash is listed by Pacaso for fractional ownership – which is illegal in Malibu (despite the City’s failure to enforce that law).”

Over the weekend, a vintage Disneyland-themed baby shower was held for the Poosh founder. The reality star and her husband, Travis Barker of Blink-182, are expecting a son. There’s no word on when the baby is due.

Silverstein went on to discuss this issue during Monday’s City Council meeting.

“It’s an endemic problem that needs to be fixed with action, not just words,” he said of these events that he feels are favored by the city.

He clarified that he doesn’t have an issue with the Kardashians and Barkers, but believes the party planner and homeowner lied to obtain a permit for the event.

He said the home doesn’t have the required permit to be listed as a short-term rental. He also said the homeowner stated it was the host of the party, which they weren’t. He blamed the city for not doing the proper research to know that the permit itself wasn’t correct for the party held.

From this, Silverstein thinks Poosh and the homeowner should pay for violating the rules.

KTLA 5 has reached out to Kardashian Barker’s team for further comment and is awaiting a response.