When Marie Osmond walked onto the stage to join Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Monday, it was one that was very familiar.

“This is the ‘Donny & Marie Show.’ We had three stages here. I was 15 and I worked with everyone. Groucho Marx, Lucille Ball, Sammy Davis Jr., I mean everyone,” she revealed to Sam.

At this location is where she and her brother Donny performed their hit “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll.”

“It has been the most crazy life and it all started right here.”

Osmond explained how the variety show concept is dead because it’s just too pricey to keep up these days.

“It would probably take about $10 million to do a show right now,” she estimated.

The “Paper Roses” singer has kept busy throughout the decades. She and her brother spent 11 years in Vegas for their residency and recently, she just got off a big tour.

In February and March, she has a set of shows, with one being in Rancho Mirage on March 18. Tickets and information can be found here.

However, these days, Osmond’s using her time wisely by riding her motorcycles, visiting her eight grandchildren and taking part in a cause for women over 55.

“I like doing things at this stage in my life that help people. I’m one of the founders of the Children’s Miracle Network, we help 11 million children a year. I was one of the first celebrities to get into postpartum depression,” she said.

For 16 years, Osmond has partnered with Nutrisystem. She and the brand have come up with a plan for women over 55 who are dealing with changes, especially around menopause.

“It’s the bomb! This is the greatest thing because it’s dealing with all these changes that our bodies go through. They know what they’re doing,” she exclaimed.

“Honestly, when you have your health, you can do anything you want.”

She went on to explain her own health journey and how losing 50 pounds gave her a new appreciation for her life.

“I couldn’t do my life if I didn’t have the weight off,” she confessed. “I’m loving life so much and guess what? You can’t do it in an unhealthy body. So, I’m really big into this plan right now. It’s a game-changer.”