When Marlon Wayans got the phone call from Ben Affleck to star in his movie, “Air,” the comedian jumped at the chance.

“He talked to me for about 45 minutes about what the role was, and I said ‘Ben, you had me at hello. You did ‘Argo.’ You’re taking 45 minutes too long,” he explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “Just say ‘Marlon be in the movie.'”

He was, however, surprised to get the call from the “Good Will Hunting” star.

“Me and J.Lo were on the same show! She doesn’t call me! So how the hell did he get my number? We were on ‘In Living Color’ 40 years ago, how come he got my number and she doesn’t? He’s Batman, that’s why!”

Affleck not only stars in “Air” but directs it as well. Other big names on the project include Jason Bateman, Matt Damon, Chris Tucker, and Viola Davis.

The film is about how the Air Jordan sneaker came about and helped Michael Jordan become the richest basketball player ever.

Wayans himself is a sneaker enthusiast and the Air Jordan is one of his favorites. While Nike cooperated with the film, the crew wasn’t necessarily paid in merchandise, which he didn’t mind. He has something else he wanted.

“I wish I could’ve got stock,” he exclaimed.” I’ve got enough shoes – give me the money!”

The “Scary Movie” actor also has a comedy special on HBO Max called “God Loves Me.” In his set, he doesn’t just reference the Oscars slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock, he “investigates it.”

“It’s a deep dive into the Oscars slap from everybody’s point of view and I say, it’s not about them, it’s all about me,” he said. “It’s really like a love letter to Will, Jada, and Chris, wrapped in an envelope full of jokes. I’ve known them all so long. I feel like I can talk about it from a perspective that is more healing and more loving than the two of them can talk about it.”

So far, the special has received rave reviews, according to Wayans.

He said it’s been called “a masterpiece” and “brilliant.”

“At first I was like ‘you sure you got the right special?'” he joked.

In the end, he believes Smith and Rock will be able to sort out their differences and put the fiasco behind them.

“First you’ve got to laugh at it and first you’ve got to heal.”

He’s got more jokes for people in Southern California. Wayans is hitting the stage at Orange County’s Brea Improv for six nights from March 16 to March 19. For tickets and information head here.

“Air” hits theaters on April 5.