Hip-hop legend MC Lyte returns to the small screen to play Lana Crawford in ALLBLK’s “Partners in Rhyme.”

While the artist stars in the show, she’s also helped co-create it alongside producer Wayne Conley.

“We were sitting around thinking about a great show idea, a few years ago, and then most recently I had a meeting with Bentley Kyle Evans and he fell in love with the project. We got in the writers’ room and just started writing,” she explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin.

From there, the project got the attention of ALLBLK network General Manager, Brett Dismuke, and Executive Producer Nikki Love. The duo saw the vision and immediately signed on to the project before there was even a script.

“Partners in Rhyme” follows Lyte’s character Lana Crawford, a legendary rapper who manages the career of her niece, Lucious T who is played by actress Precious Way. The main theme in the show is old school versus new school- something Lyte sees in the hip-hop community now.

“It’s a young people’s sport,” she said. “So there is a toss-up between language and visuals. With this particular show, we learn to show compassion between generations and understanding of how things are different.”

An example of this is when Lyte and Way’s characters spar over how artists nowadays have to deal with the scrutiny of social media as an added stress.

Lyte explained that her favorite episode is when the characters have a competition on who can stay away from their phones the longest- a true sign of a generation gap.

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