Asdru Sierra and Ulises Bella are Los Angeles natives who have been rocking out in the six man band Ozomatli for over 25 years now. The band is proficient in Latin music, salsa, hip hop and more, but what is also so amazing, is the friendship that has developed over this time.

“It takes friendship and being brothers throughout the years” said Asdru, and Ulises attested to that with their long standing joke “that it’s their longest-running relationship” that either one of them had been in.

Through the years the two stated that they had to learn how to communicate and hash things out with one another in healthy manner.

“Our biggest achievement is that we are still together and we’re still creating music,” Bella said.

The duo were in the midst of recording their latest record “Marching On” when the pandemic took the world by storm. After the lockdowns, they still recorded the record but they had to do it remotely and wherever they could put it all together.

Like many musicians at this time, the band was worried they would not be able to put out this record and they weren’t sure if shows were ever going to comeback and if they were going to be able to play for crowds again.

“We had this feeling that we had to wait to release this record,” Ulises said.

Now that the entertainment business is getting back to normal, the band is hitting the road and getting back to what they know and love.

The dynamic duo will be at Amoeba Music Tuesday for a special performance and album signing. Ozomatli’s album “Marching On” is out now and for their tour information you can head over to

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on July 18, 2022.