Actress Jodie Sweetin is getting into the holiday spirit with her new movie “Merry Swissmas.”

While the movie’s title is a play on words and takes place in Switzerland, Sweetin revealed it was actually shot in Canada, just north of Montreal.

The “Full House” actress did learn about Swiss holiday traditions.

“Adventsfenster is an advent calendar, except you put it in your front window, and it’s sort of like silhouette cutouts that are lit from behind. It’s really beautiful, actually,” she explained to KTLA 5’s Samantha Cortese. “Apparently, the tradition is people put them up in their window either in stores or at their homes, and sort of do a personal representation in the cutouts.”

As for the movie itself, Sweetin explained it focuses on what friendship and family are all about.

“There’s some conflict that happens, there’s some forgiveness that happens,” Sweetin revealed.

So is the “Finding Santa” star listening to Christmas music right now?

“I’m a holiday purist. So, I’m still in fall-thanksgiving mode,” she explained. “You will not see a Christmas tree in my household until Dec. 1, but we can all watch Christmas movies starting Nov. 5.”

“Merry Swissmas” premiers on Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.