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The MLB All-Star break is underway, and actor Miles Teller kicked it off by collecting some legendary baseball cards.

“There’s some guitars, some instruments that I have that are from a very specific time and era,” explained Teller, who is a huge fan of the sport. “Baseball cards, you know it’s the same thing, man. I love that you can look at a card and it can take you back to where you were when you got it. They’re really timepieces, they put a stamp on what was going on then.”

The “Top Gun: Maverick” star chose a 2011 Bowman chrome Mike Trout, a 1952 Topps Willie Mays, a 2001 Topps chrome Albert Pujols, 2018 Bowman Shohei Ohtani and a 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card.

Under a 15 minute deadline, the actor chose the five cards within a budget of $25,000 to be stored in eBay’s vault. The secure location is managed by the online auction site, so collectors won’t have to worry about it. The valuable then becomes a “digital asset” that allows owners to monitor its value online, similar to that of watching finances via the internet.

“For any baseball fan who collects cards, or any card collector, the vault is a big move forward in the collectible industry,” Director of Trading Cards at eBay Bob Means explained. “What this is going to allow people to do is store their high-value cards in a secure location with all types of security and insurance and climate control that you need to do this, and ultimately allow you to manage your collection, however you want.”

For years, Teller has been outspoken about his love for baseball, especially the Philadelphia Phillies. He once said he would’ve taken up the sport professionally had it not been for acting.

Just last month he shocked fans with his talent when he threw out the first pitch at a Phillies game.

“I just warmed up and Nick Castellanos of the Phillies told me to ‘Let it eat,'” he explained. Indeed he did with some claiming it was the best first pitch, possibly ever.

If Teller were to take to the field now, he’d prefer to play second base since it was his position growing up.

As for taking to the batter’s box, if he had to choose a walk up song it’s a tie between two.

“My walkout song in high school was ‘Walk’ by Pantera which is pretty heavy,” he revealed. But in 2022, he may go for Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock & Roll” to get the crowd going.

Teller plans to attend the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby during the break. He is also looking forward to meeting some baseball icons.

“Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera because they’re both going in the Hall of Fame and so for them to kind of have this victory lap and to kind of have a final fan appreciation and celebration for what they’ve done, that’s something I’m looking forward to,” he explained.

The All-Star Game is being held at Dodger Stadium this year. The Home Run Derby is Monday, while the game itself is Tuesday.