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Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique said Friday the tweet that got Roseanne Barr’s show canceled was a “mistake” and told the comedian, “You have a friend in me.”

The 2009 Academy Award winner for best-supporting actress explained during a Morning News interview with Sam Rubin how Roseanne Barr supported her early on in her career, at a time when many people would not.

“I remember when I had the ‘Mo’Nique Show,’ and there were big, major black superstar talent that had white representatives and they told their talent, ‘That show is too black and we really don’t want you to go on there,'” Mo’Nique said. “But there was a white woman named Roseanne Barr that showed up for me. … And they didn’t hear the conversation when the cameras wasn’t rolling. … That woman was giving me some beautiful words.”

Mo’Nique described Barr as her “sister in comedy” and called the infamous tweet a mistake, saying she wouldn’t “put (Barr) on the racist list.”

“My sister made a mistake and she said something I know she wishes she could take back,” Mo’Nique said. “But what I would ask is we don’t throw her away.”

Barr’s reboot of her hit sitcom “Roseanne” was canceled by ABC almost immediately after the star posted a tweet disparaging former Obama White House advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Barr later apologized to Jarrett on Twitter and asked the network not to punish the entire show’s crew for her tweet.

Production of a spinoff of the reboot, without Barr, was later given the green light by ABC.

Mo’Nique said she’d like to see Barr and Jarrett “come together.”

During her interview, Mo’Nique also touched on her own struggles in Hollywood since winning the Academy Award, and told Sam that she believes she has been blackballed.

Mo’Nique appeared alongside comedian Tone-X, with whom she has an upcoming show at the Brea Improv.