A music critic is generating controversy over comments he made about which decade had the best music.

Rob Harvilla is the host of the podcast “60 Songs That Explain the ’90s” and he believes that decade was the best in music history.

His love for ’90s music is so strong, he also wrote a book under the same title.

“I wanted to do a podcast about songs, and I fixed very quickly on the ’90s as the era that I wanted to discuss because it is, in my opinion, the greatest musical era in world history, and that’s because I grew up in the ’90s,” Harvilla told CBS News. “I have nothing against the Beatles, but the Beatles got nothing on Stone Temple Pilots.”

Harvilla claims that the ’90s was the most cohesive decade that also came right before the internet, and therefore atomized everything.

Born in 1978, Harvilla admits bias as he turned 12 in 1990.

“The music you loved when you were a teenager is the most pure and most intense love affair you’ll have with anything or anyone in your life,” he explained to The Detroit News.

He noted the nostalgic aspect of the songs tied to core adolescent memories is what makes the decade more meaningful to him, and others as well.

“The theory I had is that everyone has a story tied to these songs that is very important to them and to literally nobody else. But if I tell my story, it will remind you of your story, and that’ll be what’s ultimately gratifying about this experience for both of us,”