Once actress Nikki Reed became a mother, she started to focus on what exactly she was putting into her body. So much so that she is now the strategic advisor for Genexa, the first clean medicine company in the world.

“Clean medicine is a huge passion of mine,” she explained. “We talk about organic food. We talk about clean skincare and beauty products. Why are we not talking about clean medicine?”

Genexa is launching its first clean pain reliever for adults. According to the company, the medicine has all the “same active effective ingredients/dosages as category leaders but without artificial fillers.”

The topic of clean medicine comes at a time when healthcare has been under the microscope since the beginning of the pandemic. Reed called this a “blessing in disguise” as many of us have “had the opportunity to think about our health.”

“It’s made us curious, it’s made us ask questions,” she said. “I would say that in the space of medicine, also in the space of politics. It’s given us the opportunity to have these open discussions.”

Reed’s own curiosity led her to find Genexa all on her own. She later became a fan and asked how she could help.

“As a parent, my daughter has a very strong reaction to artificial ingredients and artificial sweeteners,” the “Sleepy Hollow” actress explained. “No matter what avenue I tried to explore, even in the ‘cleanest of medicine’ that was available at the time, she was having these really intense reactions to medicine and we all need medicine.”

While she’s busy juggling motherhood, her jewelry line and medicine – Reed still has time for her “Twilight” family. She recently reunited with castmate Ashley Greene to talk on Greene’s podcast “The Twilight Effect.”

At one point the actress thought she had closed that chapter, but she’s since realized it will live with all of them forever.

“That was such a huge chapter of my life for so long and it also feels like another lifetime,” Reed explained on the reunion. “Any excuse to get together with the family. It was very sweet.”

Genexa products are available at Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and can also be ordered online at genexa.com.