Olivia, Sophia, and Aurora Culpo are three sisters who are huge on social media.

Their resumes include titles like an entrepreneur, model, cellist, mother, fashion designer, Miss Universe, and now reality stars.

However, when it comes to their parents, they’re unsure what their daughters do.

“I feel like my parents really don’t understand social media. So, that’s where the first problem is,” Olivia explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “They don’t understand the respite that could be for somebody and also the community you can build by being your authentic self.”

“Plus, their font is so big. So, they can only see so much of the screen,” joked Aurora.

Meanwhile, their dad has, accidentally, tried influencing on his own.

“Our dad has recently been opening up our mail and sending us videos and straight-up influencing,” Sophia revealed.

“My dad will open up our packages and be like ‘we have a red lipstick, then we have a nice rouge lipstick,” Olivia further explained.

Ten years ago, the world was introduced to Olivia when she was crowned Miss Universe. However, for big sister Aurora, it began long before that.

“It all started after I was born and started raising her and I was like her momager growing up,” Aurora laughed.

The sisters also have two brothers, and they say the siblings raised each other to a degree, while their parents worked full-time jobs.

“That’s why I think we’re so close now because we were each other’s survival from a very young age,” Olivia explained.

The reality show may be focused on family, but the sisters’ love lives do get some screen time. Olivia’s boyfriend, San Francisco 49ers’ running back Christian McCaffrey, and Sophia’s boyfriend, New York Jets wide receiver Braxton Berrios, are expected to make an appearance. Aurora is married to “Survivor” star Mikey Bortone. It’s unclear if he’ll be seen on the show.

“It’s hard to share our everyday life and reality without including them to a certain degree, but also, they work all the time. So, they’re not in every episode,” Sophia explained.

“The Culpo Sisters” premieres Nov. 7 at 9 p.m. on TLC and Discovery Plus.