A majority of members in the Writers Guild of America voted to authorize a strike if labor negotiations between WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers broke down.

This would be the first WGA strike in more than 10 years. 

More than 11,000 WGA members are requesting nearly $600 million dollars in wage increases with hopes to prevent a strike. If a deal is not agreed on by Monday night, the strike could likely start Tuesday morning. 

“We have the power to protect our economic security,” said member Angelina Burnett.  

“Because lower and mid-level writers deserve to be able to earn a living in this career,” member Gina Ippolito added. 

“We have to stand up for writers and have to make writing a viable career for everyone,” said member Justin Alpern.

If a strike ensues, it would halt the production of scripted network programs and late-night talk shows including “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” It would also stop writing work for movies, TV and streaming services. However, it would not impact reality or game shows. 

“I’m incredibly hopeful that they can come to an agreement,” said Meyers, comedian, actor and writer. “I also feel very strongly that what the writers are asking for is not unreasonable.” 

To prepare for a possible strike and halted production for scripted programming, many production companies are pitching new reality shows. This comes in response to news that many media and entertainment companies are facing financial challenges. Film and TV production supports more than 7,000 in California alone. 

The producers alliance says its goal is to reach a fair agreement, but is asking WGA to search for reasonable compromises.