A big announcement for the “Criminal Minds” franchise.

Paramount+ is rebooting the show for its streaming service.

For actress Paget Brewster, who played Emily Prentiss on the series for almost 15 years, she’s elated.

“We are all really, really thrilled because we’ve been talking about it for almost two years,” she explained. “So, it’s really exciting that everything’s finally come together and we’re going to start shooting soon.”

When it comes to the drama, Brewster described the cast as a family. While they all love each other, they also annoy one another. Regardless, they have stayed in contact throughout the years.

“We have stayed in touch, we’ve been in touch, we’re all on a giant text chain. We did become a family and we still are and that’s why it was so exciting when the idea was floated that maybe we could come back again and do more episodes for Paramount+,” the actress said. “We’ve been chomping at the bit to do it, so it’s just thrilling that we all get to be in each other’s presence again.”

While we await the reboot, Brewster used her talents to voice Judy aka Birdgirl, the superhero CEO of Adult Swim’s “Birdgirl” animated series. She lends her voice to Birdgirl and Judy Ken Sebben.

“Judy is the neurotic human component of Judy Birdgirl,” Paget explained. “Judy turns into Birdgirl and mobilizes the Bird Team basically, to right the wrongs that Judy, as the CEO of Sebben & Sebben, has created. It’s a terrible company. They make terrible products. They’re absolutely immoral. So Birdgirl is trying to fix Judy’s mistakes.”

“Birdgirl!” Season 2 finale airs July 17 on Adult Swim at 11:30 p.m..