Jessica Everleth is a triple-threat.

The director, producer and writer has worked on a variety of projects like “Surviving R. Kelly,” “Catfish,” and “Killer Kids.”

Her latest true crime project is about a chilling term many may not be familiar with. It’s called phrogging and it’s when a stranger is secretly living in someone else’s home without them knowing.

“Phrogging is referred to the animal the frog where they hop from place to place,” Everleth said. “I had never heard the term, it’s like a new thing in the zeitgeist, like catfish.”

When Everleth put the show together, she discovered two things: people were more willing to believe their house was haunted by a ghost instead of an intruder, and how common the practice is.

“When we first started doing the research on the show I found 200 cases pretty quickly,” she revealed. “I think a show like ‘Phrogging,’ I think that resonates with anyone. That was one of the surprising things about this.”

“Phrogging: Hider in my House” premieres on Lifetime at 10 p.m. July 18.