Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s long-awaited docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” is finally on Netflix.

The first three episodes dropped on Thursday, weeks after the initial trailer was released on social media. The next three are set to be released on Dec. 15. Each episode is an hour long.

The project looks into the couple’s estrangement from the royal family, their issues with the British tabloids, and the societal racism they believe fueled coverage of their relationship.

“In this family sometimes, you know you’re part of the problem rather than part of the solution,’’ Prince Harry says in one of the episodes. “There is a huge level of unconscious bias. The thing with unconscious bias is that it is actually no one’s fault. But once it has been pointed out, or identified within yourself, you then need to make it right.”

The series includes interviews with Harry and Meghan, their friends, and experts on race and the media.

In an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Markle claimed that when she was pregnant with their first child, Archie, a member of the royal family made a comment on how dark the baby’s skin color may be.

Racism and the aggressive British paparazzi caused the couple to flee to the United States. The couple currently lives in Montecito, California.

In one episode, Harry explains how the intense media coverage reminded him of how his mother, Princess Diana, was treated.

“To see another woman in my life who I loved go through this feeding frenzy – that’s hard,” Harry explained. “It is basically the hunter versus the prey.”

Harry and the series’ other narrators say the palace is partly to blame for this treatment because it has granted privileged access to six newspapers that feel they are entitled to learn intimate details about members of the royal family since British taxpayers fund their lives.

Harry and Meghan said they initially tried to follow palace advice to remain silent about the press coverage as other members of the royal family said it was a rite of passage. But the couple said they felt compelled to tell their story because there was something different about the way Meghan was treated.

“The difference here is the race element,” Harry said.

As he carried out an engagement in London Thursday, King Charles III was asked if he had watched the series. He did not reply.

Harry and Meghan married in 2018 and became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They welcomed their son Archie in 2019 and daughter Lilibet Diana in 2021.

“Harry & Meghan” is currently streaming on Netflix.