The highly anticipated prequel to “Bridgerton” has arrived to rave reviews.

The Hollywood Reporter called it a “delectable romantic treat.”

The Washington Post said the show makes “‘Bridgerton’ better.'”

“‘Queen Charlotte’ rules in this ‘Bridgerton’ prequel,” raved the Los Angeles Times.

The series focuses on the character of Queen Charottle, the monarch of the popular streamed series.

“It’s a deeper dive into this character. We see another layer, kind of the behind-the-scenes, the backstage of Charlotte. I describe it as behind-the-scenes of ‘Bridgerton,'” explained Golda Rosheuvel to KTLA 5’s Olivia de Bortoli. Rosheuvel plays the role of the Queen in both series.

Aresma Thomas, who plays a young Lady Danbury, said the show provides details for “Bridgerton” fans that they never knew they needed.

“By watching this show, you can then watch ‘Bridgerton’ again with new eyes,” Thomas revealed. “Essentially you get three seasons of ‘Bridgerton.'”

To take on the role of the young Queen Charlotte, actress India Ria Amarteifio had to do her homework.

That included reading books and doing research as to who Charlotte is and even chatting with Rosheuvel as well.

The older of the Queens definitely supports the new and younger casts of actors and actresses joining the franchise.

“We have to support them, we have to give them love. We have to really celebrate them as young artists and actors coming up,” Rosheuvel said. “They’re really cool kids.”

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” is currently streaming on Netflix.