Actor and comedian Leslie Jordan, who passed away Monday at 67, used his unique style of humor to help millions through the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hello, fellow hunker downers,” he would greet his Instagram followers before he’d share a funny story from his childhood, sing a song, or host his “Pillow Talk,” which consisted of him talking while laying his head on a pillow.

Here are some of the funniest videos the “Will & Grace” star posted which have since gone viral.

Baton Fitness

“Daddy watch me twirl!” Jordan shouted as he recounted the time he preferred to be a majorette over a football player.

When gyms shuttered and fitness equipment was hard to come by, the actor had us in stitches with his “fitness routine.” He swung around a back scratcher that he turned into a baton and twirled it around while he recounted the time his father took him to a football game.

Jordan’s dad would find his young son twirling around a baton when he’d come home from work. The “American Horror Story” actor said he’d be screaming for his dad to watch him twirl in front of his dad’s old army buddies.

The “daddy, watch me twirl” line instantly became a meme and gif that’s still used on the internet.

Recounting ‘Tiger King’

Like many during the pandemic, Jordan watched Netflix’s “Tiger King” documentary. Of course, he could resist providing his own commentary.

The Tennessee native caught up with the series while doing some ironing.

“She killed him and fed him to the tigers,” was his consensus when it came to Carole Baskin. “That much we know.”

However, Jordan was confused by the dental hygiene of Joe Exotic’s boyfriend John Finlay, and his lack of clothing.

“Son, you gotta get camera-ready,” he hollered at the television. “Can’t help your teeth but put a shirt on!”

On Monday morning, Jordan was found dead after his vehicle crashed into a building in Hollywood. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that he had suffered some type of medical emergency.