As Inglewood’s YouTube Theater is celebrating its first anniversary, rock star Rick Springfield is set to make his debut at the venue later this month.

While the “Jessie’s Girl” singer has been performing for decades, when he hits the stage, he still gets excited.

“I’m very confident onstage. It’s actually the place where I’m most confident,” he told Sam Rubin on KTLA 5 Morning News. “I’m kind of a loner when I’m offstage.”

“I love the audience connection.”

When it comes to Springfield’s favorite songs, he’s got quite a few.

“I’m thankful for writing ‘Jessie’s Girl’ because it was a good one to start with, but I have other songs,” he said. “I wrote a song for my dad, that I still do live most of the time, when he died. It’s called ‘My Father’s Chair’ and my favorite songs are the songs I’ve just written.”

During the COVID lockdown, Springfield got creative in his home studio. He recorded three albums. Two have already come out as collaborations. His new album is on the way.

“We did a lot of crazy stuff. I did ‘How to Write a Song in 60 Seconds with Vance DeGeneres,” he laughed. “It was just over-the-top stupid, and then we ended up with a great song. It was actually No.1 on iTunes’ rock charts.”

Springfield along with Men At Work and John Waite will hit the YouTube Theater stage Aug. 30 at 7:30 p.m.

You could win tickets to see the show. Just text SPRINGFIELD to 515151 or enter online here. Parking is included for the winner.