Like many fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Rob Lowe is upset over Wednesday night’s loss to the San Diego Padres.

He attended Game 2 at Dodger Stadium with his son and his son’s friend, Patrick Schwarzeneggar- whose father is obviously Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

“I have a son that brings victories and have a son who’s a jinx,” he explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “Next time I’m going to bring Arnold Schwarzenegger, instead of his son, and my other son.”

The “911: Lone Star” had great seats to the game, but did credit Mary Hart for always having the best ones in the house.

“She’s the Queen of the Dodgers,” he proclaimed. “She’s the Jack Nicholson of the Dodgers.”

While Lowe is bummed by the Padres’ victory, he’s still holding out hope for the boys in blue.

“Short series are tough, but we’ve finished 10 games above the Padres,” he said proudly. “I feel good, we’re going to be fine.”

When he’s not posted up in the Dugout Club, Lowe is hard at work on his new show “Unstable,” which he stars alongside his “jinx son” John Owen Lowe.

“I’m happy to call him a jinx publicly because he makes so much fun of me online. Based on that relationship, we came up with a comedy for us both to do together,” the actor said. “Anybody who gets to work with their kids knows how special that is- even though I pay a price with him just shredding me.”

The father-son duo co-created the upcoming Netflix series with television writer, Victor Fresco.

“The Outsiders” star is also keeping busy with his podcast “Literally with Rob Lowe.” While there are thousands of podcasts out there, Lowe’s slightly differs from others.

“I think the quality of guests that I get is super special. A lot of the folks are my friends. I’m able to show them in a different way because I have a history with them,” he said. “Noone is going to talk to Matthew McConaughey like I talk to him because I’ve known him forever.”

Listen to Lowe’s “Literally with Rob Lowe” wherever you get your podcasts.

Lowe’s Netflix show Unstable” is set to be released in the Spring of 2023.