It’s no secret that Ryan Seacrest is one of the busiest men in show business.

The host actually has strong ties to the KTLA 5 Morning Show.

“Without Sam Rubin going on vacation, I would not be where I am,” Seacrest said. “So we now have that on the record and on tape to run back every year it’s his birthday.”

The radio personality joined us after appearing on the “Kelly and Mark” show for the first time after stepping away from the gig last month.

“They’re fantastic! Watching them is my favorite sport! I said to Kelly, ‘I didn’t realize how much fun it was to be a guest on the show,'” he revealed. “That show is really like a family operation.”

Without the daytime talk show, Seacrest still has a lot on his plate.

He hosts his radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and of course, “American Idol.”

The singing competition’s three-hour season finale is set to air on May 21 and he revealed some surprises to us already.

“Keith Urban is going to come back, he was a judge, and he’s coming back to be a mentor to contestants. We’ve got Colin (Stough,) Megan (Danielle) and Iam (Tongi) our finalists who have huge followings already. They are incredibly talented, very young talent. We’ll have them perform. We’ll have Pitbull on the show,” he explained.

Then of course is Seacrest’s favorite part, revealing the next American Idol.

While the show is a huge accomplishment, another venture of his has hit a major milestone.

His Ryan Seacrest Studios within Children’s Hospital of Orange County is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The studios are a part of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and the idea came to fruition while he was broadcasting for KIIS-FM at the hospital.

After doing a few shows there, he talked to the families and parents of the patients and asked them what they did to occupy their time to take their minds off of being at a hospital.

“That’s when I thought ‘Why don’t we build a KTLA, a KIIS-FM, a media center in this hospital that can take programming and show it into the different screens where patients are?'” he said.

“The stars are the patients. They come down, they create their own shows. Sometimes they act, sometimes they sing, they play instruments. It’s a place where they can forget about what’s happening here,” he said. “I’m told by a lot of the staff, and the patients and their families, they look forward to being in this room and escaping what’s happening and they have a smile on their face when they leave.”

Some patients enjoy the media center so much, that they don’t want to leave when it’s time to be discharged.

Today, the studios have become a network across the country at various pediatric hospitals. Currently, there are 11 locations.