It’s no secret that Sabrina and Idris Elba are an attractive couple.

So, when the couple announced they were launching a genderless, vegan skincare line S’able Labs -we were immediately sold.

However, we learned the “Luther” actor was completely clueless about skincare until the couple started to consider launching one of their own.

“He didn’t used to moisturize, it’s been a bit of a journey,” Sabrina Elba explained. “For us, it was nice, he was a massive part of the education around why men feel that their products weren’t marketed the right way. Everything in his cabinet was ‘invigorating’ and ‘macho’ and my stuff was all ‘clean and natural beauty’ and he was like ‘why can’t I have that?'”

The actress and producer explained that the products contain ingredients from around the continent of Africa. She’s hoping it will “fill the space of melanated skin needs, but also cater to everyone.”

The “Beast” actor’s inexperience with beauty products was actually quite helpful.

“He was such a huge part of the development of this, for it to be truly genderless and speak to things that men do care about,” his wife said.

S’able Labs isn’t the only business venture between the beautiful couple.

They currently have a podcast called “Coupledom” which is in its second season. The show focuses on partnerships in business, romance and more.

“We realized so much of our mental wellness was dependent on the people in our lives,” she explained. “I feel everyone felt that during lockdown.”

The “Three Thousand Years of Longing” actress touted the benefits of working alongside her husband.

“We do try to be together as much as we can, it’s one of the great blessings about being able to work together now, and we’ve started businesses together, so we that we can kind of carve out more time together because it can be tough when he’s always traveling,” she exclaimed.

S’able Labs can be sold here, and you can listen to “Coupledom” on Audible now.