If you know Sam Rubin, you know he loves his food, and he is making his way through Disneyland and eating their most delectable dishes. He caught up with food photographer David Nguyen and took him from sweet to savory foods in the park.

Things heated up for Sam as he tried some delicious spicy foods from all over the park. As the years pass, Disney goers have become accustomed to the spiciness level of the food, and each year, the flavor seems to step up more and more.

“The more you get addicted to the heat level, it’s so addictive,” stated Nguyen. “The spice just melts your mouth away.”

The spice level goes very from tolerable to lava hot, and topping the hotness level are the chicken rojas. With every single bite, there is a lot of flavor packed in, though a side dip helps calm things down.

“We reach the top of heat levels,” said Nguyen.

Head on down to Disneyland to try these tasty treats and help kick off the Halloween spirit. Halloween Disney began today and runs through November. For more information visit disneyland.disney.go.com/

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Sept. 2 , 2022.