Aboard the Scenic Eclipse vessel is an array of beautiful rooms and suites with beautiful views and your own butler service any time of the day, but if you really want to travel in style, the ship has two very large suites called the Owner’s Suites.

Entertainment host Sam Rubin sat down and talked with Vietta, who explained the differences and amenities of each of the rooms.

Rubin and Vietta were hanging out in one of the two Owner’s Penthouse suites.

“Absolutely gorgeous suites,” stated Vietta. “The most incredible view is from here, but it’s sizeable also, like a huge apartment on board.”

The suite looks like it was built for kings and queens with private hot tubs, patios, showers with light therapy and so much more.

“We really have a variation, there is something for everyone on board, depending on your personal needs, requirements and preferences,” she said.

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This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News on Sept. 22, 2022.