“Selling Sunset” star Chelsea Lazkani seems to have it all- marriage, kids, and a booming real estate business.

Her journey to Los Angeles was quite a whirlwind. Within three weeks of arriving from across the pond, she met her now-husband online. The couple have two children and she’s on one of Netflix’s hit shows. The British-born beauty credits manifestation for achievements.

“I really believe in the power of intention,” Lazkani explained. “I’ve always been focused on what I want and focused on going after what I want and speaking what I want into existence.”

When it comes to work, being the newest member of the Oppenheim Group has its perks. Lazkani has noticed how her business improved since starring in the show. “Impressions are everything,” she reasoned. “The more people know what you do and believe in what you do and see you as knowledgeable in your industry, you’re obviously going to attract more potential clients.”

Lazkani has definitely made an impression and in the biggest way – representation. She hopes to inspire viewers to get into industries they normally don’t see themselves in. “I think for me, being in front of the camera allows me to influence more people,” she explained.

When Lazkani joined the show, she immediately bonded with castmate Christine Quinn. Quinn even called Lazkani her “real estate soul mate.” While the pair are friends, Lazkani has no plans on ditching the Oppenheim Group like Quinn has done recently.

“As of right now, Jason [Oppenheim] has been so good to me and he’s a really good resource that I lean on in real estate,” Lazkani explained. “I’m just starting and I think people need to know where their starting point is and be loyal to that.”

Season 5 of “Selling Sunset” is on Netflix.