An outrageous and over-the-top disaster film that captivated curious moviegoers and sparked a franchise is headed to the big screen in honor of its 10-year anniversary.

“Sharknado,” a film from Burbank-based production company The Asylum, will make its mainstream theatrical return on Aug. 15 for a two-day celebration.

The indelible wildlife-meets-natural disaster cinematic oddity debuted in July 2013 on the Syfy channel.

The made-for-TV movie tells the story of a powerful tornado scooping up giant sharks and causing mass devastation and a feeding frenzy on the streets of Los Angeles.

Alternate Poster for SHARKNADO 10th Anniversary (The Asylum)
Alternate Poster for SHARKNADO 10th Anniversary (The Asylum)

The ridiculous premise charmed audiences and became one of the most well-received films in The Asylum’s catalog of spoofs, knock-offs and experimental productions.

The film stars Ian Ziering as the film’s protagonist, alongside John Heard and Tara Reid.

Since its release, the film has achieved a bit of a cult following and launched a film franchise, featuring several sequels and spin-offs, as well as video games and comics.

When it returns to theaters next week, the fully remastered film will feature hundreds of new visual effects, including “never-before-seen kills and thrills.”

“SHARKNADO: The 10th Anniversary Edition” will grace 500 screens across the country for two nights only. To see if the film is screening near you, click here.