Sherri Shepherd is riding high on the success of her daytime talk show “Sherri,” but she’s still getting used to that New York City weather.

“It was 7 degrees here! I’m used to being in my pool,” the former L.A. resident explained to KTLA 5’s Sam Rubin. “I miss you guys. I miss L.A.”

When Sam suggested she push to move the show to the West Coast, Shepherd revealed she may have to wait for that.

“I don’t have that kind of power yet! We’ve got to get really good ratings. Maybe four years,” she said.

While the “Sherri” host is no stranger to hosting a daytime talk show, this is the first time she has a show of her own and she’s loving every part of it.

“It’s so much fun because I get to be really silly. On ‘The View,’ you saw a little bit of my silliness, but here I get to go all out and be silly. My whole mission is, I want to make you feel better than when you came. I want you to have fun.”

From fun to drama, Shepherd is still keeping her acting chops sharp by starring in a new movie called “The Way Out.”

The revenge thriller stars Shepherd as the sponsor of actor Johnny Beauchamp, who is dealing with the loss of his abusive father by taking advice from a stranger who’s dangerous. That stranger also teaches him about life, fighting back and sex.

The film is directed by Barry Jay, the founder of Barry’s Bootcamp.

“It’s very suspenseful and it really deals with addiction and recovery, which is why I love the script. (It’s also about) how you take back your life,” the comedian explained.

“A lot of people see me on the talk show and they think that’s all I’ve done and forget about the actress part of me,” she said.

It’s important to note that Shepherd is the cousin of KTLA 5’s Morning News executive producer, Marcus Smith.

Sam asked if there was a possibility to make a story out of Marcus’ life story to which the “Beauty Shop” star responded with a resounding yes.

“You wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom! It’s got it all! Drama, love, action, victory,” she revealed about her cousin.

“The Way Out” is available on demand on Feb. 10 on Apple TV+, Tubi and Prime Video.