Kevin Nealon made us laugh on “Saturday Night Live” and on the Showtime series “Weeds.”

Now, he’s impressing all of us with his art skills with his caricatures of celebrities.

While Nealon has doodled all his life, his history with drawing can date back to his “SNL” days.

“During the table reads at ‘SNL’ I would sketch the people sitting across from me, like Chris Farley or whomever,” he explained. “Even on airplanes, I draw people while they’re sleeping, so most of them are of people with their mouths wide open.”

Each piece takes the “Grandma’s Boy” star a long time, which he calls a “labor of love.” On his Instagram, you can see the evolution of his drawings as he tends to go back and forth.

When it comes to starting his drawings, it’s the eyes that have it.

“It’s more of a vague sketch of their whole face, but I start in detail with the eyes,” he explained.

The hobby has become very therapeutic for Nealon.

“It’s so relaxing. If you ever want to lose weight, take up drawing because time just escapes you,” he exclaimed. “There was a period of time, I was going through claustrophobia. When a plane was stuck on the runway and wasn’t moving, I would take out my sketchpad and just start sketching.”

The actor’s latest book “I Exaggerate: My Business with Fame” is full of colorful drawings. He will be discussing his book with Judd Apatow at the Glorya Kaufman Performing Arts Centre on Oct. 19.

When the “Happy Gilmore” funnyman isn’t drawing, he’s enjoying the outdoors.

He created “Hiking with Kevin,” a show on his YouTube channel where he interviews celebrities while taking them on a hike. Guests have included Adam Sandler, Kim Basinger, and Owen Wilson. His hikes have taken him to Ireland and New York as well as here in Los Angeles.

Season 4 of the series kicks off Oct. 27.

Nealon’s book is out on Oct. 25 and is available for preorder wherever books are sold.