You’ve probably never seen Candi Milo, but you know her voice.

She is the voice actress behind many characters in cartoons like “Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Darkwing Duck,” and LeBron James’ “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

When it comes to portraying the various characters on her resume, she revealed it’s more than just a change in pitch.

“I look into how little boys talk and embody the character physically, it’s never tight in my voice box,” she dished to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “Little girls always do run-on sentences, boys will give you the bare minimum.”

While Milo’s work is behind-the-scenes, she did have to alter her recording process due to the pandemic.

“I did ‘Space Jam 2’ out of my house, I recorded the whole thing there,” she explained. “Through Zoom, Skype, whatever- I get direction because I have two directors. You have a voice director to get it out of me, but you also have the art director that gives you the speed of the action that’s what makes cartoons funny.”

The voice-over star is now putting pen to paper for her memoir, “Surviving the Odd.”

Milo’s father was a longtime Vaudeville actor, comedian, and singer. When television began to take over and nightclub acts began to wane, her father opened one of California’s first licensed homes for the “mentally disabled, emotionally disturbed.”

For two years, Milo and her family lived with about a dozen disabled adults until her father could afford to purchase a separate home for his family.

“I grew up with the odd, and I am odd, and I’m totally okay with that,” she said proudly. “I am the oddness of my childhood.”

She said the experience helped her in her career as she was able to “look past the cover, look past whatever is on the outside going on.”

“Surviving the Odd” is out on Oct. 4.

A book signing, ready, and Q&A take place at the Barnes & Noble at The Grove on Oct. 15 at 2 p.m. For tickets, head here.