Stephanie Hsu is the breakthrough star from the critically acclaimed movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”

Awards season has begun and she is in the thick of it.

She recently attended the Golden Globes, which was a very emotional night for her. Not only did she receive praise from fellow actors like Andrew Garfield, but her costars Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan took home major awards.

Cameras caught Hsu in tears when Yeoh won the award for Best Actress.

“The running joke of this awards season is that I just keep crying very publicly every time one of my castmates wins something or when we win something,” she laughed. “I know how hard they worked to get here and I know how hard I have worked, how many doors I’ve hard to break down, also, to get here.”

“The child version of me that never got to see these things happen in real-time is getting to now witness it in the room where it happens,” she revealed.

Hsu is getting recognized for her performance as well. She has garnered nominations from the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics Choice Awards.

The sci-fi hit has been described as a “trippy” movie by some. Hsu said her character, Joy Wang, sometimes even scared herself.

The “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” star was recently profiled in The New York Times for her work.

“Being in the paper feels like being in a museum,” she exclaimed. “People can hold onto that forever. It’s a dream come true.”

During this rollercoaster ride of her career, Hsu has learned one important thing that she hopes to share with others.

“When people see you for your greatness, it is so much easier to also step into your greatness. It’s given me so much perspective on giving people the benefit of the doubt and celebrating people because you never know what magic they’re holding on to,” she said. “I’m grateful that everyone is really embracing me in this moment and I hope to continue to pass that on to others.”

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is available to stream on all major platforms.