When it comes to weddings, Tara Lipinski is a huge fan.

So, when the Olympic gold medalist was approached to host the limited series “Wedding Talk,” she said, “I do.”

“I’m a hopeless romantic and when this opportunity came around I thought ‘this is a bucket list item, dream job’ this is an amazing job for me to host because I enjoyed planning my wedding so much,” she gushed to Sam Rubin on the KTLA 5 News. “Watching the show I get annoyed that this show didn’t exist when I was planning my wedding.”

With that being said, Lipinski is still a realist and understands the stress behind planning one’s big day.

“It’s stressful, let’s be real,” she explained. “They say ‘relax’ but how do you really relax on one of the most special days of your life?”

The former figure skater said the show’s two wedding planners do make the process easier.

As for the show, it’s not just about people getting married.

Lipinski explained that it’s showing the love story of each couple featured.

“We take you on a journey of so many types of weddings,” Lipinski explained. “It’s not just the traditional wedding that you think of or traditional wedding videos these are like films. Some of these ideas are so outrageous but backed by a ton of love.”

The skating commentator may love weddings, but she still makes time for her first love- ice skating.

“Whenever I need my special place, my special home- it’s the ice rink,” she said. “I always feel that tug in my heart to go lace up my skates.”

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