Out of all Terry Crews’ roles, his character in the Wayans Brothers’ hit “White Chicks” ranks at the top.

It isn’t lost on him how the movie impacted pop culture and his career.

“It really put me on the map and it was the biggest thing I had ever done up until that time, and it’s now part of the culture,” he explained to Samantha Cortese on the KTLA 5 Morning News. “Love it or hate it, it’s one of those things you can never forget. Every year it gets more and more popular.”

An iconic scene from the film is when the “America’s Got Talent” host belts out Vanessa Carlton’s hit “A Thousand Miles.” It turns out, the two are quite close.

“Vanessa loves me singing it,” he revealed. “She’s one of my good friends and she’s given me permission to basically sing it anytime, anywhere.”

If there ever is a sequel to the early ’00s sequel, Crews is ready.

“I’m still staying in shape for ‘White Chicks 2,'” he exclaimed hopefully. “Just tell me when, tell me where, and I’m there!”

While he awaits patiently, he’s keeping busy.

When he’s not hosting or acting, he’s writing.

His new children’s book “Terry’s Crew” depicts his own childhood. It’s his fourth book and he says he’s always writing to his “12-year-old self.”

“I’ve never gone past 12 years old in my head. So my thing is always just to let kids know that it is okay to be a multi-hyphenate. It’s okay to have more than one dream,” he said.

Crews explained his struggle when he was an adolescent just trying to navigate his hobbies.

“When I was growing up. I was an artist and an athlete,” he explained. “Every time I showed up at football practice, they were like, ‘You got to give the art up’ and when I would go to art class, they were like, ‘You can’t be a jock’. I realized, no, I want to do both!”

The “Everybody Hates Chris” actor’s book talks about the main character overcoming difficult obstacles. In real-life, Crews grew up in Flint, Michigan, amid the demise of the auto industry and the crack epidemic, which posed challenges for him to achieve his dreams.

“I kept my dream, I never gave up. I did have a crew of people who dreamed right along with me and I think that as long as you find the right environment, you can survive,” Crews said. “But most of the time, a bad environment leads to bad results, and there was a time when I just had to find the people who believed in me and I believe in them. That’s the reason I’m here right now today.”

Crews’ book “Terry’s Crew” hits shelves on Nov. 8.