Those VHS tapes collecting dust at home could be worth some major cash.

Vintage collectors are reportedly paying a premium for certain classic movies.

The New York Post says there’s been a rise in demand for vintage VHS on eBay.

Of course, there are certain caveats.

The tape must either be new or in pristine condition.

Right now on the auction site, a graded 10 copy of the 1989 hit “Back to the Future” is currently listed for $14,080.

A 2002 limited edition VHS of “E.T.” is being sold for about $39,000. The tape is brand new and celebrates the film’s 20th anniversary.

'The Goonies' VHS
“The Goonies” VHS is selling for $125,000 on eBay. Photo: eBay.

A first print VHS of “The Goonies” is being sold for a whopping $125,000.