Fans of the iconic sitcom “The Office” have another reason to plan a pilgrimage to the Pennsylvania railroad town that played host to the fictional Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company.

A new mural in Scranton is underway and the new art installation not only highlights the fictional characters of the plucky paper company, but also represents the growing community in the “Electric City.”

The mural is taking shape in downtown Scranton and once complete it will depict the characters from the beloved NBC sitcom.

The artist behind the mural is not Pam Halpert, although we know she is capable. And it’s not even Tracy Fleeb, the once-mentioned, never-screen artist whom Pam compares her art to.

In reality, the person behind the mural is Kala Hagopian, a fine arts muralist and the founder of Hagopian Arts in Philadelphia.

The mural, entitled “The Office: The Story of Us,” is located at 503 Lackawanna Ave. and stands 27 feet tall and 86 feet wide. It features 17 cast members in realistic black and white portraits, alongside some of the series’ most popular quotes and landmarks.

A new mural in Scranton, Pennsylvania honors the iconic sitcom "The Office." (WBRE/WYOU)
A new mural in Scranton, Pennsylvania honors the iconic sitcom “The Office.” (WBRE/WYOU)

Malachi Floyd is one of the mural’s installers. He admits to being a fan of the show and says he’s excited to be a part of the project.

“I watched ‘The Office’ show as a kid and rewatched it as an adult. I’m almost tempted to watch it every night as I’m doing this installation,” Floyd said. “I think this is an interesting project to be a part of. I feel like this … means a lot to the community.”

The mural will likely use dozens of gallons of paint once its completed, including several gallons just to prime the 90 sheets that comprise it, Floyd said.

The project is part of an ongoing series of public artworks developed by Scranton Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization that aims to enhance and better the city and raise its status throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.

Steve Ward, project manager at Scranton Tomorrow, says the mural is not just important for its portrayal of the city’s most famous fictional residents, but also because the cast of characters reflect the makeup of the city itself.

A new mural in Scranton, Pennsylvania honors the iconic sitcom "The Office." (WBRE/WYOU)
A new mural in Scranton, Pennsylvania honors the iconic sitcom “The Office.” (WBRE/WYOU)

“The characters that are actually portrayed in the mural really are diverse and had some strong women in there, very successful people, and communities of color that are represented. And over the years, the face of Scranton’s changed, so the mural is really going to reflect our community,” Ward said.

A decade after the show’s conclusion, “The Office” remains a big part of Scranton’s history and the mural is seen by many in the community as a “full-circle” moment.

“I was here 10 years ago when they had their Office Wrap Party on Courthouse Square, so it’s nice to see 10 years later that the show still has vibrancy and a connection to the community,” Ward said.

Photo courtesy Hagopian Arts via Scranton Tomorrow (WBRE/WYOU)

The mural is expected to be completed by Oct. 6.

This story was originally reported by KTLA sister station WBRE/WYOU.